What InfoLinker Plus Can Do

InfoLinker Plus

is an Automated Bookmark and Linking Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. InfoLinker Plus is an application that is compatible with Windows 7 - 10 working with Adobe Acrobat 9, X (10), XI (11) and DC (12).

InfoLinker Plus builds and manages bookmarks and text links in PDF documents based on the text and structure of the document. Table of contents, titles, indices and references are easily linked using a user-constructed set of rules. External references can also be linked by rules. Page geometry, font details, phrase structure, text location, and a number of other common content discriminators are used by InfoLinker Plus to build the bookmarks and links in a document. Every occurrence of "see figure..." can be linked to the referenced figure in the document with the definition of a rule. The figure can also be accessed from a bookmark built by InfoLinker Plus. One set of InfoLinker Plus rules can automatically re-build the bookmarks and links in the document set every time the document is published or updated.

InfoLinker Plus Sample Linked PDF Document

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Without InfoLinker Plus, it could take hours to build all of the bookmarks and links in a PDF manually. It would also take some time to check that they are correct as well. But the big cost savings with InfoLinker Plus is when an existing document is modified, another paragraph is added or a figure is changed and moved to a different page. InfoLinker Plus will rebuild the newly published document using the same set of rules and all of the links and bookmarks can be regenerated in seconds.

InfoLinker Plus can improve access to:
Technical Manuals
Structured Documents
Part Ordering

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Sample of links and nested bookmarks created by InfoLinker Plus...

Structured PDF

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A Sample Linking Rule from the InfoLinker Plus Rule Editor...

ILP Rule

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