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InfoLinker Plus is an Automated Bookmark and Linking Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. This is the newest in the series of Adobe Acrobat tools from DocMaestro. InfoLinker Plus is an application that is compatible with Windows 7 & 8 and with Adobe Acrobat 9, X (10) and XI (11).

DocMaestro can provide training courses either on-line or in a classroom. We also have video training that covers the use of InfoLinker Plus and all its capabilities.

DocMaestro wants you to be successful. We want you to use InfoLinker Plus to improve your document access and useability.


InfoLinker Plus Training Video - Introduction

How to use InfoLinker Plus to write rules to bookmark and link the Table of Contents and numbered paragraphs.


InfoLinker Plus Training Video - Figure Linking

How to use InfoLinker Plus to write rules to build bookmarks and links to all of the figures in a document.

Page Links

InfoLinker Plus Training Video -Page Links

How to use InfoLinker Plus to write rules to link to the page names in the table of contents to the pages in the document.


InfoLinker Plus Training Video - Rule Importing

How to import rules files with InfoLinker Plus, using both CSV and RUL file types.

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Sample InfoLinker Plus Rules

Below is a sample InfoLinker Plus rule editor dialog. The "Page Sources" rule is displayed from a list of rules for the current PDF document being processed by InfoLinker Plus. This rule is a source rule for defining page number links in the Table of Contents.

Rule Screen