LinkManager is an Acrobat Plug-In that can manipulate PDF links and PDF bookmarks in a PDF file. The product can change the color of all PDF links of a particular color. PDF Links can be deleted by color. The links of a particular color can be deleted based on the page range selected. PDF Links can be expanded based on selection.

The view of the PDF links destinations can be changed to fit width, fit page or zoom.

Named destinations in PDF can be deleted.

PDF Bookmarks can be used to create Named Destinations in PDF.

Various annotation types can be deleted in addition to PDF links, like bookmarks, threads and notes.

PDF Bookmarks can be changed to all upper case letters with LinkManager.

LinkManager is a handy tool for manipulating PDF annotations, PDF links and PDF bookmarks.

LinkManager costs $125.00 and works with Acrobat 9, 10 and 11.


BookManager Screen